Numerical Analysis and Applications

Course Code: Ν2-7090Α
Weekly Duty: 4 (2Th + 2L)
Typical Semester: 7th
Course Category: General Infrastructure Course

Learning Outcomes

The course of Numerical Analysis, as a branch of applied mathematics, introduces fundamental knowledge for the numerical solution of mathematical problems arising from practical applications. The aim is to understand the construction of numerical algorithms, but foremost, the applicability and the appropriate use of their limits.

  • will know numerical analysis algorithms,
  • will have understood the accuracy ensured by each method,
  • will know the efficiency and scalability of these algorithms on large-scale systems.
  • will have developed mathematical and algorithmic thinking.

Course Content

The course includes the following topics and algorithms for numerical calculations as described in the following:

Introduction and Error Analysis. Polynomial interpolation. Linear systems and methods for solving them (Gauss, Jordan, Jacobi, Gauss-Seidell, etc.). Iterative methods for solving equations. Numerical Differentiation and Numerical Integration. Interpolation method, orthogonal polynomials, Least Squares method. Numerical Solution of Differential Equations. Methods Euler, Runge-Kutta.

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