Design and Development of Information Systems

Course Code: Ν2-6030Α
Weekly Duty: 4 (2Th + 1E + 1L)
Typical Semester: 6th
Course Category: Specialty Course

Learning Outcomes

To develop the skills of students in enhancing the knowledge and application of techniques and methodologies of software development that have already been taught, so that they can study, plan, control and ultimately complete and carry out successfully a INFORMATION SYSTEM PROJECT in sufficient size and as much as possible in plain scale.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able :

  • to deal with an integrated information system project of sufficient size to organize and plan their work as a group to coordinate and monitor the progress, to collect and organize the necessary material to prepare deliverables and develop a prototype system.

Course Content

The courses addresses a total and complete, the design methodologies, implementation and development of an Information System within an organization to address a hypothetical problem (case-study).

Developed theories of the life cycle of information systems and the principles of design and implementation of the management of the projects.

Is selecting and applying, techniques, methods and models and implementation tools appropriate for specific problems (software development tools, database management, etc.) of the Information System.

Workshop: Analyzing, designing and developing an integrated project information system corresponding to a hypothetical problem (case-study). Once the development is control of the final system and evaluates the performance and profitability.

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