Image Processing

Course Code: Ν2-6050A
Weekly Duty: 4 (2Th + 2L)
Typical Semester: 6th
Course Category: General Infrastructure Course

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to:

  • know the various image types and image representations as well as the basic concepts in image processing and image analysis
  • know the basic image transformations
  • understand the usefulness of mathematical morphology in a number of (binary) image processing techniques
  • understand the usefulness of image segmentation in linking the fields of image processing and computer vision
  • analyze and implement image processing algorithms
  • apply his experience in MATLAB for the processing and visual improvement of digital images

Course Content

Introduction. Representation and types of images. Image digitization. Fundamentals of digital images (image formation, sampling, quantization, pixel neighborhoods, connected components, distance measures, projective geometry). Arithmetic and logic functions on digital images. Point transformations. Histogram Equalization. Spatial Filtering. Image smoothing. Image enhancement. 2D Fourier transform. Filter design in the frequency domain. Morphology. Edge detection. Detection of lines. Contours and boundary extraction. Regions. Image segmentation. Applications.

Laboratory: Training in the environment of Matlab and the Image Processing Toolbox. Point operations (negative of an image, conversion to binary image via thresholding, contrast enhancement). Histogram Equalization. Arithmetic and logic operations on images (image mixing, masking). Convolution. Image smoothing and image enhancement in the spatial domain (low-pass filters, high pass filters, median filters). Visualization of the Fourier transform magnitude through a logarithmic point operation. Filtering in the frequency domain. Morphological filters for processing binary images. Edge detection.

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