Computer Programming

Course Code: Ν2-1040
Weekly Duty: 6 (2Th + 2E + 2L)
Typical Semester: 1rst
Course Category: General Infrastructure Course

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course the student must:

  • understand the syntax and be familiar with the programming environment of C (eg. editor, compiler, software libraries, reference manuals, online help)
  • handle with relative ease the basic programming structures: data types, variables, constants, assignments, expressions, loops and control structures
  • understand and be able to use the abstract data types (arrays, strings), the functions, recursion, the scope of variables, the pointers and the structures
  • use and be familiar with formatted input/output, the C preprocessor, files and the arguments of main
  • be able to analyze existing modular C-programs and determine their function
  • be able to design and implement solutions to problems through computer programming in C.

Course Content

Computer Structure. Principles of structured programming. Compiling. Linking. Executable programs. C programming language. Variables, data types, expressions, assignments. Simple input/output. Loops. Control structures. Arrays. Functions. Scope of variables. Recursion. Pointers. Dynamic memory allocation. Strings. Structures. Formatted input/output. The C preprocessor. Macros. Inout/Output redirection. Data streams. Text (ASCII) files. Binary files. Serial/random file access. Specific topics (the arguments of main(), enumerated data types, unions). Laboratory in C programming.

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