Algorithms Design

Course Code: Ν2-1050
Weekly Duty: 4 (2Th + 2E)
Typical Semester: 1rst
Course Category: General Structure Course

Learning Outcomes

As part of this course the student will learn the basic principles of analysis and algorithms design. The main objective of the course is to acquire algorithmic thinking and the cultivation of analytical thinking to algorithmic problem solving. By successfully completing this class, the student will have acquired the necessary infrastructure having understood the basic concepts and techniques of analysis and algorithms design to be able to:

  • apply algorithm design techniques
  • design problem solving algorithms
  • describe algorithms with the use of pseudocode
  • study the complexity of algorithms

The knowledge and skills gained from the course are a prerequisite for several courses of the Department’s curriculum, but especially for all programming classes and Data Structures.

Course Content

Introduction. Information and data. Algorithms and problem types.

Algorithm representation with the use of pseudocode (basic elements, assignment, input-output, control structures, iteration structures, call algorithm from algorithm).

Matrix processing (data input, printing, applications etc).


Sorting- Merging


Sequential file processing.

Random access file processing.

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