Ioannis Dragonas


Landline: +30 210-5385882
Fax: +30 210-5910975
Office: Κ16.013, Informatics Building
  • Computer Networks I
Short CV:

Dr. Ioannis Dragonas is currently a Professor in the Department of Informatics at Technological Education Institute of Athens. He teaches Computer Networks I. He received his PhD from University of Limoges. He received his MSc from the university ULB – Université de Bruxelles, and his BSc from University Pierre et Marie Curie – Paris 6. His research interests are in Data Sharing, Networks, Synchronizing Group operations, Collaborative Design, Declarative Modeling. He has published book and technical papers in the areas of Tele-Informatics, Networks, Data Communications, Telematics. He participates in national funded research projects. He is a member of the Greek

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