The Syllabus of the Department of Informatics covers 8 semesters of instruction. The last semester includes the writing of a Dissertation and the Practical Training. During the first 5 semesters the student is instructed to a wide range of subjects in informatics and related cognitive fields, while for the next two semesters he can select suitable courses, in order to gain thorough knowledge in subjects concerning a technological direction. The overall course structure includes Compulsory Courses and Compulsory Selected Courses. The Courses are distributed in the following two Cycles:

  • Information Systems and Applications, and
  • Communication and Information Systems.

The Course Cycles offered are not compulsory and the student will decide whether he will attend a Cycle or not. In order to graduate, the student must successfully attend 40 courses. Specifically, he must successfully attend a total of 32 Compulsory Courses and in addition:

  • If the student chooses to attend a Course Cycle, he also must successfully attend the 8 Compulsory Selected Courses of the selected Course Cycle.
  • If the student chooses not to attend a Cycle, then he must successfully attend 8 Compulsory Selected Courses, regardless cycle. Of these, 2 courses selected from the 4 Compulsory Selected Courses of the sixth semester and 6 courses selected from the 12 Compulsory Selected Courses of the seventh.
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