History of the Department

The Department of Informatics belongs to The Faculty of Technological Applications of the T.E.I. ofAthens. It was founded by Law Decree 1404/83 and named “Department of Computer Systems Analysis and Programming”. The first students were enrolled in October 1983. The first generation of students who successfully completed their undergraduate program, graduated in 1987. In the academic year 1988-1989, the Department was renamed to “Department of Informatics”.

The Department of Informatics began with three full-time professors, several part-time instructors and one laboratory room equipped with a Cromenco computer system. The Department was offering a specialization in Computer Science, that of applications/systems software engineer. The duration of studies was three years (six semesters), followed by a six months Practical Training, conducted either in the private or in the public sector.

Since the Winter Semester of the academic year 1998-1999 the duration of studies was extended to four years (eight semesters). Also, since the Winter Semester of the academic year 2002-03, two Course Cycles have been established for the first time: “Information Systems and Applications” and “Communication and Computing Systems”. A student finishes his studies on the approval of a Dissertation and on the completion of his Practical Training.

Nowadays, the Department of Informatics has at its possession 8 modern laboratories with a high speed networking structure, 24 professors, at various levels, and nearly 40 laboratory and scientific fellows.

From the very beginning, the Department of Informatics has been cooperating with other Departments of the T.E.I. of Athens, aiming at the support of their courses, in Informatics.

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