Graduate Profile

The Graduate of the Department of Informatics knows the scientific methodology, he has developed technical capacities and skills, he has gained experience from the Practical Training and he is able to be an active professional, successfully supporting the development of Information and Communication Technologies in every application field. The Graduate of the Department grows to be either an executive on an individual basis, or a business member, both of the public or private sector. He has the following potentials:

  • To apply the principles of science and technology to the analysis, planning and implementation of software systems, as a Systems and Applications Programmer.
  • To analyze and fulfil the demands of organizations and enterprises via planning, development, implementation, completion, formation, management and support of computing and communication technologies (software, hardware, networks) as an Informatics Engineer.
  • The Graduate of the Department can also be employed as a Teacher or Informatics Engineer, in all educational levels. Moreover, the Graduate of the Department can fully meet the demands of keeping up with the developments in research, technology and life long education. He can also expand and further specialize his cognitive field, by doing postgraduate studies, leading to postgraduate academic titles (M.Sc., Ph.D.), in higher education institutions in Greece or abroad.

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