Aim of the Department

The Syllabus of the Department of Informatics Engineering aims at producing scientists in informatics, oriented to meet the needs of the market and of the society in qualified professionals with high-level knowledge, skills and experience in Information Technology as well as in Communications. The main features of the Syllabus are:

  • High quality higher education, according to the internationally accepted standards.
  • Technological orientation of studies with emphasis in the laboratory expertise, combined with high level theoretical education.
  • Incorporation of new information technology developments in the educational domain.
  • Cultivation of the necessary skills, which will enable the future informaticians to respond to: (a) competitive working environments, (b) possible post-graduate studies, (c) the necessity of keeping up with the developments in technological research and in life long education.

Further to the afore mentioned, the Department of Informatics is also involved in research and development programs. Students are provided with educational counselling, including the one oriented towards postgraduate studies, and that, developing the educational role of the informatics technology for the support of distant and life long education.

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